December 21, 1995
  1. The Belgrade Centre marked its establishment with a seminar “Human Rights – International Standards” – Belgrade 29 – 31 March 1995, attended by prominent experts from Yugoslavia and abroad. The lack of literature on human rights in Serbian and the high quality of the lectures and discussions at the seminar encouraged the Centre to publish its first book, Rights and Freedoms – International and Yugoslav Standards.
  2. The seminar Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, held in Kotor from 26 to 30 September 1995, was primarily intended for judges, lawyers, research fellows at institutes and Parliament members. It was the first seminar to highlight the problem of humanitarian law and its implementation in the regions of the former Yugoslavia.
  3. The wars that were going on in the territories of former Yugoslavia, left Serbia and Montenegro with more than 600.000 refugees. Taking this into consideration and with the co-operation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Centre held the seminar International Law and Refugees in the Territories of the Former Yugoslavia in Belgrade on 24 and 25 November 1995. It attracted a great deal of attention among both experts and the media as it was the first seminar held in Yugoslavia that addressed the legal dimensions of the status of the refugees, i.e. the accordance of domestic regulations and international standards and their implementation, as well as other unresolved issues relating to refugee status.