Human Rights Training for Local Government Administration Minority Rights for Local Government Administration

December 21, 2002

Donor: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Duration of project: January – December 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights organised a series of 10 human rights seminars for local government administration. These seminars were aimed at enhancing knowledge of human rights and minority rights and developing attitudes of solidarity and human rights awareness. The training employed special emphasis on domestic law regulating self-government and minority rights. The seminar responded to the adoption of the New Federal Protection of National Minorities Rights Act and Serbian Local Self-Government Act in February 2002, as discussion on the implementation these acts is crucial in order to effectively deal with problems that can emerge in practice. (more…)

Youth Participation in Human Rights Education

Donor: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
Duration of the project: November – December 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights organised three seminars on youth participation in human rights education. The goal of the seminars was to familiarise young people with basic human rights knowledge so that they may fully participate in civil society, democracy, and the enjoyment of their human rights. (more…)

Trafficking of Roma Women and Children from Serbia

Donor: Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and United States Agency for International Development USAID
Duration of the project: October 2002 – May 2003

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights designed and conducted a comprehensive study on the trafficking of Roma women and children from Serbia (risk and resilience factors).

The study had the following 3 objectives: (more…)

Media Legislation and Access to Information

Donor: ACCESS – Sofia Foundation
Duration of the project: February – October 2002

The Media Legislation and Access to Information project is the crosscutting activity of Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and the ACCESS Association (Sofia), representing the BHRN Network and SEENPM, respectively, with support from the Danish School of Journalism in Arhus. (more…)

Human Rights School for Police Officers

Donor: Freedom House
Duration of project: January – October 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights organised four Human Rights Schools for Police in the period from February to September 2002. The main purpose of these courses was to introduce participants to human rights law, criminal procedure standards, and other relevant issues for modern police services. The project responded to the need to educate police on human rights, civil society and democracy given the experience of the previous ten years in a repressive authoritarian system, expressions of police brutality, and the neglect of these themes by the educational system. It was especially important given the critical role of police in the processes of transition and democratic change. (more…)

Support to Law Drafting and Promotion of HR Awareness in the FRY Judiciary

Donor: Cooperazione Italiana Nord Sud (CINS) – European Union
Duration of the project: February 2002 – May 2003

In the first phase of the project, a seminar on human rights for judges was organised by the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, with help from CINS and financial support of the European Commission. The main purpose of the course was to introduce members of judiciary to human rights law and culture, enable them to pay respect on the international human rights standards in their every-day work, as well as to enable them to lecture in this field. Twenty-three participants from five towns in Serbia took part in the seminar. The majority of classes were given in form of lectures, followed by discussions, and there were several case-study sessions that proved to be lively and popular. Lecturers were chosen among the most prominent experts from Yugoslavia and abroad. Belgrade Centre for Human Rights provided the participants with its publications and various articles related to specific topics dealt with during the seminar. (more…)