Neo-nazi threat looming over Serbia

November 10, 2005

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is disgusted by the violence and public demonstration of Fascism in its grossest form at the panel discussion staged at the Novi Sad Faculty of Philosophy to mark the International Day against Fascism and Semitism on 9 November. The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights most vehemently condemns the inapt reaction by the police to the incident, encouraging the most extremist segments of society and endangering fundamental human rights and academic freedoms. (more…)

Motion to review the constitutionality of the provision on extra-marital unions in Serbia’s family law

August 26, 2005

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has filed with the Constitutional Court of Serbia a motion to review the constitutionality of Article 1, Para 1, of the Family Law, under which only domestic partnerships involving unmarried individuals of the opposite sex are considered extramarital unions. Such a definition of an extramarital union places partners of the same sex in such unions at a much greater disadvantage, as they do not have access to many of the rights guaranteed extramarital partners, including the right to alimony, joint ownership, protection from family violence, whereby partners of the same sex have become victims of discrimination on the grounds of sex i.e. sexual orientation. (more…)

Minister intimidating the media

August 20, 2005

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights protests against the public appearances by Mr. Velimir Ilić, Minister in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Not only do the crassness and vulgarity of his statements give rise to concern. The conduct of Minister Ilić and those cheering him on or not standing up to him are a symptom of the state this society is in and of the frame of mind of a large part of Serbia’s political elite. (more…)

Release of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights regarding the tenth Anniversary of the Operation Storm

August 4, 2005

Ten years have passed since the armed operation named Storm by Croatian authorities took place.  After Storm, the Croatian state has remained almost ethnically clean, having only a few percent of Serbian population.  In barely four days, Storm entirely changed the ethnic picture in parts of Croatia that used to be significantly inhabited by Serbs.  There is no doubt that during the operation and after it, numerous crimes have been committed toward the Serbian civilian population. (more…)

Tenth Anniversary of the Srebrenica crime

July 11, 2005

 As every July for the past ten years, the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights takes the opportunity to recall the anniversary of the crime in Srebrenica, when nearly 8,000 people were killed. Ten years have passed since 11 July 1995, the day which marked the beginning of one of the most horrendous weeks in the recent history of the Balkans, the former Yugoslavia and Serbia. There is no doubt that it is the families and friends of the victims of the Srebrenica tragedy who have suffered the most during those days and all the days and nights since. (more…)