Announcement from the Coalition for Free Access to Information on the adoption of two laws on 11 December 2009

December 15, 2009

The Law Amending the Law on Free Access to Public Information and the Law on the Confidentiality of Data. The Coalition for Free Access to Information acknowledges the readiness of the government to, after several years of pressure from independent institutions and civil society, adopt a concrete law on the confidentiality of data and which meets the majority of our legislative demands. On the same day, however the National Assembly was not prepared to bring in full changes in the area of free access to information. (more…)

Freedom of the Media and Safety of Journalists under Threat

December 7, 2009

We are seriously concerned by the threats voiced against B92 journalist Brankica Stanković and her associates on the Insider show and maintain that the state’s reaction must be clear and unequivocal. The activities of the so-called “fan groups” constitute a flagrant violation of the laws of the Republic of Serbia and the fundamental human rights of its citizens, while their rhetoric is based on hate speech and intolerance.  (more…)

Right to Peaceful Assembly Endangered by Weak State Organs

September 21, 2009

Human rights protection organizations are calling on state organs to be aware of their requirement to guarantee, by all lawful national means, the full enjoyment of rights and freedoms to every individual and group which considers their individual rights to be endangered. In addition to guaranteeing freedom with inviolable authority, state security has the further obligation of creating a social atmosphere in which citizens can realize all of their rights without fear of violence. (more…)

Public Information Act

August 31, 2009

The Belgrade Center for Human Rights expresses its concern once more regarding the bad practice of Serbia’s legislative bodies, of hurriedly adopting a draft law that has not been previously debated publicly and on which professionals have not had an opportunity to make any statements. (more…)

Judiciary soft on neo-fascists

August 19, 2009

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is concerned by the increasingly frequent displays of generosity by higher courts towards people openly expounding Fascism. The most recent such display is the decision by the Novi Sad District Court to overturn the municipal court verdict finding Goran Davidović aka Fuhrer, the leader of the unregistered organisation National Formation, guilty of damaging the reputation of journalist Dinko Gruhonjić because “some court documents were not in the Cyrillic script and the indictment was written in the Latin alphabet”. The District Court found that this constituted a “violation of Davidović’s rights”. The first-instance verdict was handed down over two years ago.    (more…)

Triumph of Hypocrisy – Renaming a Street in Niš

April 1, 2009

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights regrets that the Serbian state authorities have yet again made concessions to the most regressive forces in society. The Niš local authorities are ready to retract before hypocritical protests staged by residents of a city street against it carrying the name of the famous artist Šaban Bajramović. The blatancy and malice of the protests cannot be glossed over by the initiative to “reward” Bajramović, a Roma, by naming a street or building after him in the area “his people live in” i.e. in the Roma settlement. (more…)