Trade in human organs in Kosovo and Albania

December 15, 2010

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is astonished by the confirmation of the fact that in 1998 and 1999, under the orders and supervision of some commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, now active in Kosovo political life, many kidnapped persons, ethnic Albanians as well as non – Albanians. were brutally deprived of their vital body parts which were offered for sale abroad. (more…)

Decision to boycott the Nobel Prize award is a wrong one

December 8, 2010

The Government of Serbia must review the decision on Serbia’s boycott of the Nobel Peace Price ceremony and immediately instruct its Ambassador in Norway to attend the award ceremony. The Nobel Peace Prize is this year awarded to a Chinese dissident imprisoned for his years-long advocacy of human rights, just like the organisations, which have signed this statement and which have been focussing on advancing human rights in our country for over a decade, disseminating the culture of human rights, equality and respect of every individual in our society notwithstanding his or her political, religious, ethnic or other features.  (more…)

Milorad Pupovac Awarded the Konstantin Obradović Prize

December 5, 2010

The annual Konstantin Obradović prize awarded every year by the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights for the improvement of the culture of human rights this year went to  Prof. Dr. Milorad Pupovac, the Chairman of the Serb National Council in Croatia. The prize was unanimously awarded to Dr. Pupovac by a jury comprising Mr. Filip David, Dr. Vojin Dimitrijević and Dr. Vesna Pešić for his successful endeavours to improve the status of minorities and minority rights in Croatia and the whole region. 


Marko Karadžić’s Resignation

September 30, 2010

Human and Minority Rights Ministry State Secretary Marko Karadžić has resigned because he disagrees with the policy conducted by Human and Minority Rights Minister Svetozar Čiplić. Most media reported on Karadžić’s resignation, but, unfortunately, did not go into the reasons for it. (more…)

Attack on Roma People

June 15, 2010

We condemn the attacks on Roma national minorities in the village of Jabuka near Pančevo and emphasise that it is only the state acting in a legal proceeding that is authorized to judge perpetrators of criminal acts. These events require swift and decisive action on the part of the police to send a clear message that revenge and retribution are unacceptable, and that besides consituting criminal acts under law, they also violate fundamental human rights. The residents’ own initiative to punish an entire community because of a reported crime committed by one of the latter’s members is impermissible in a democratic society. A particular danger exists in that this event is not an isolated incident but represents an indicative example of racial, national and religious intolerance that has been escalating over the last few years in various circumstances. (more…)