Youth and human rights: Participation Mechanisms

July 24, 2019

Donor: Office for Human and Minority Rights
Duration: May 2019. – October 2019. 

In the light of the adoption of Resolution 35/14 by the Human Rights Council, which encourages Member States to report on the state of human rights of youth through the Universal Periodic Review, the main objective of the program will be to empower youth organizations and youth in the field of reporting and mechanisms for the protection of human rights of young people . The Belgrade Center will, as the coordinator of the Platform of Organizations for Cooperation with UN Human Rights Mechanisms, endeavor to transfer its experience, as well as the methodology developed for the creation of alternative reports on the state of human rights.

Project is implemented in partnership with National Youth Council of Serbia and with support of Office for Human and Minority Rights. 

Working Meeting at the end of the project Making a Difference for Refugee Children in Europe

May 23, 2017

On Monday, 22 May 2017 at the Envoy Conference Centre in Belgrade, the Belgrade Center for Human Rights held a working meeting to mark the end of the project Making a Difference for Refugee Children in Europe, which has been implemented since July 2016, with the support of the International Rescue Committee, with financial resources of the Department for International Development of the British Government (DFID/UK Aid). (more…)

Utrecht Declaration on Academic Freedom

September 30, 2016

ahriMeeting at Utrecht University for our annual conference, we, the Association of Human Rights Institutes ( AHRI), deplore the actions and threats of actions of an increasing number of States to restrain and even foreclose academic freedom, in the name of security, public order, counter-terrorism, counter-crime or counter-extremism, through a variety of measures, including disciplinary actions, dismissals, criminal prosecutions, physical violence, travel restrictions and widespread intimidation of numerous scholars, teachers, students and academic institutions.


Connecting civil society in the protection of marginalized human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo

November 21, 2013

Project Duration: October 2012 – October 2014.

Place of Realization: Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo

STEP Activities:

KORAK-HAPI-STEP is a coalition formed with goal of implementing a regional action to improve the status of human rights in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo, in the areas of LGBT rights, strengthening the role of women in politics and public life, and monitoring court procedures for discrimination. It includes and connects a large number of NGOs and activists who share the values of the coalition. (more…)