Dragan Prelević

February 16, 2013

dragan-prelevicDragan Prelević

Lawyer from Podgorica.

I attended the Belgrade Centre School of Human Rights as a trainee lawyer in 1996 at the time of the fiercest student protests against Milosević’s regime. I remember the School for the touching friendships that developed and persisted among participants and for the impression made by the systematic approach to the protection of human dignity through the system of human rights and for the lecturers who gave it their all. Prof Kosta Obradović advised on the nuances and secrets of the negotiation of international treaties on humanitarian law and attorney Ivan Janković on how to cope with the monitoring and interception of the secret police. (more…)

Marko Karadžić

February 15, 2013

marko karadzicMarko Karadžić

The Centre’s School, together with its employees who are now my dear friends, represents a turning point in my life. It is where I was first given the opportunity to become familiarised in an honest and open way with the issue of human rights. During the 1990’s, if you wanted to learn anything, you could only do so through alternative educational networks, and in addition to many other activities, the Centre offered this possibility to young people as well. (more…)

Dušan Stojković

dusan-stojkovicDušan Stojković

Lawyer from Belgrade.


The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights’ School was a place where in times of oppression free spirits developed. During the inglorious neglect of law at the end of the 1990’s, it was a corrective to the education of the Law School in Belgrade and an additional impetus for me to fight for and to believe in the law. (more…)

Milan Antonijević

milan antonjevicMilan Antonijević

Executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights – YUKOM.

Many years have passed since I first conversed with my colleagues in the Human Rights School for Future Decision Makers. Today, a great number of them are entirely devoted to human rights, talking openly about human rights protection, which certainly indicates the School’s quality, as well as the right selection of young people on the Centre’s part. (more…)

Vladan Joksimović

JoksimovicVladan Joksimovic

Deputy Director of Anti Corruption Agency

I attended the first and second Human Rights School, organized in the distant 1996 and start of 1997. The first contact and participation in the Schools were a substantial influence on my further professional orientation. I expanded my legal knowledge and was introduced to new areas of international law and human rights that had to be explored. (more…)