The fifth memorable lecture dedicated to prof. Dr. Vojin Dimitrijević

October 12, 2018

Fifth memorial lecture dedicated to prof. Dr. Vojin Dimitrijević was organized in Human Rights House. This year’s lecture titled “The Need to Fight for Human Rights” was held by Prof. dr. Mandred Nowak.

Manfred Nowak is a professor of international law and human rights at the University of Vienna and Secretary General of the European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC). Professor Nowak was UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (2004-2010), UN Expert on Missing Persons in the Former Yugoslavia (1994-1997) and Judge of the Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996-2003). Currently, as an independent expert, he is leading the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.

Vojin Dimitrijevic, a professor of international law and director of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, died on 5 October 2012.  Vojin Dimitrijevic was not only one of the leading experts in the field of international law, human rights and international relations, but also a responsible and active public figure who did not hesitate to invest his personal authority and unwavering engagement for goals that many of us believe are unattainable in Serbia. Vojin Dimitrijevic was one of those intellectuals who considered that their social and political engagement is their essential duty. 

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Towards a faster and stronger justice for citizens through a better Constitution

May 14, 2018

Venice Commissioners met with the President of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, and representatives of professional associations and civil society organizations to discuss the proposed constitutional amendments.

Since the public is not adequately informed about the past activities of amending the Constitution, the course of the public debate and the content of the proposed amendments, as well as the consequences that these changes would have on citizens of Serbia if adopted, this conference will be used to inform the public about the content of the dialogue between representatives of professional associations and CSOs with representatives of the Venice Commission.

Video from the conference (Serbian language only):

Annual report “Right to asylum in the Republic of Serbia 2017”

April 12, 2018

selection (1)-1The Belgrade Center for Human Rights presented the Annual Report “The Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia 2017”.

The introductory speech was given by John Andrew Young, Head of the Department for the Legal Protection of Refugees at the UNHCR Office in Belgrade. He said that, despite very difficult circumstances, during the entire migration crisis, Serbia had a human and benevolent approach to refugees, and that organizations such as the Belgrade Center for Human Rights had a great merit. He also stressed the importance of this report, which can be of great use to institutions and other organizations to help further action and work on solving problems that migrants in Serbia encounter.

Executive Director of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Sonja Tošković, pointed out that there had been some positive developments regarding the situation of refugees, but procedural problems continue to exist during the asylum procedure.

To download full report on English, click HERE


Annual report “Human Rights in Serbia 2017”

March 20, 2018

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The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights invites you to launching of its annual report „Human Rights in Serbia 2017“ which will be held in Medija centar, Terazije 3, I floor on Friday, 23 March 2018 at 11 o’clock.

Introductory speeches:

1. Prof. Dr Vesna Petrović, Programme Director of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights – Introduction: Overview of Human Rights Situation in Serbia in 2017;
2. Vladica Ilić, Lawyer of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights– Right to Liberty and Security of Person;
3. Dušan Pokuševski, Researcher of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights – Right to Privacy and Free Access to Information;
4. Ana Trkulja, Attorney at Law – Judiciary and Human Rights Protection;
5. Ivan Protić, Journalist – The Role of Media and Journalists in Implementation of Human Rights;
6. Nataša Nikolić, Lawyer at the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights – Enjoyment of Social and Economic Rights.

Report in English can be downloaded HERE.


January 23, 2018

prees realeceOur organisations, committed to rule of law values, have always advocated the exclusion of any undue influence on the judiciary and the improvement of the quality of the national judiciary, with a view to achieving the standards of quality, efficient and accountable judicial systems and the full separation of powers. We therefore applaud the publication of the draft version of the constitutional amendments by the Justice Ministry, hoping that it will initiate a genuine and substantial public debate among the representatives of the government, judicial profession and the NGO sector. (more…)