Committee against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment Finds Serbia in Violation of the Convention against Torture for Extraditing Kurdish Political Activist Cevdet Ayaz

September 2, 2019


The Committee against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment has adopted a decision finding the Republic of Serbia in violation of Articles 3 and 22 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment for extraditing Kurdish political activist Cevdet Ayaz to Turkey on 25 December 2017.     (more…)

Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia

July 24, 2019


Platform Otvorena vrata pravosuđa is designed to provide citizens with information on how the justice system functions in Serbia and how they can protect their rights in courts. 

The project Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia wants to adopt the principle of open dialogue between citizens and the judiciary, and to encourage their greater engagement in local communities. The task of the project is to help citizens to understand their rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, and also to inform citizens how the judicial system works and how judges and prosecutors make fair and rational decisions.

No Response to Hate Speech in Parliament

July 10, 2019

The insults ruling party MP Marko Atlagić hurled at Belgrade College of Philosophy professors in the Serbian National Assembly several days ago are, to say the least, unbefitting of the office he holds and the institution to which Serbia’s citizens had elected him and other deputies to represent them with dignity and decency. (more…)

KAFANA FORUM – An Interactive Platform for the Important Stories of the Youth!

July 8, 2019

KAFANA FORUM– An Interactive Platform for the Important Stories of the Youth!


What does nation mean to you? What do you know about extremism? Do you have a particular story you want to share? 

Kafana Forum gives you an opportunity, as a young person, to express what you think, feel, what you are going through, what your doubts are, and what you are sure of!

Kafana Forum is an interactive platform for addressing topics such as identity, nation, nationalism, prejudice, stereotypes, social distance, as well as tolerance, equality, reconciliation and conflict.

The platform aimsto collect authentic stories, comments, worldviews and dilemmas that will more or less be used in creating a theatre play dealing with these topics, and played by youth from Serbia.



The word kafana – tavern – comes from the Turkish word kahvehane, which has been adopted from Arabic and Persian: quahve meaning coffee, and khane meaning a house.

Our Kafana Forum does not emphasize the tavern itself as a lifestyle but uses the concept as an inspiration for connecting, exchange, talk and unity.

Kafana Forum is the melting pot of stories, experiences and reflections, a place where a group of people is gathering and exchanging something important for the community.

Kafana Forum is the online space where we can talk!

Twice a month, Kafana Forum will be initiating exciting topics and choosing you to participate in the discussion. Leave a comment, tell us what you think! Be a part of the play yet to be created!

We are seven days away from the first question and the first discussion topic. The countdown is on, get your keyboards ready!

In memoriam Prof. Dr. Lidija Basta Fleiner

July 2, 2019

We have lost our dear Lidija, a member of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights Council, a true and loyal friend. She lectured at the University in Fribourg, Switzerland, for a long time and led the Institute for Federalism. She cooperated with the Belgrade Centre on several joint projects and headed the expert group drafting the new Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and reorganising the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (2000-2001). Lidija was also active in the Council of Europe for years and chaired the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention on the Protection of National Minorities.

Although Lidija had lived abroad for years, she never lost touch with the BCHR and often visited us, always keen to help us and cheer us up. She was a friend one must never lose, a friend forever.  

We will always remember this sanguine, sophisticated and noble woman. She was an outstanding lawyer and humanist, a champion of justice and respect for human rights. She always found the time to hear everyone out, to advise us and to instil hope whenever we lost it due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Event: Culture Travels on Foot /21/6/4 PM/Dorćol Platz

June 17, 2019


How is a culture born, and how does it develop?

How do we acquire cultural patterns – does it happen spontaneously, or is it forced upon us?

Is it possible to divide cultures by their nationalities, or can they go beyond borders and then become parts of regional or global cultures?

Is it even possible to mark borders on one culture– or does it walk freely nevertheless?

By asking these questions, we celebrate the World Refugee Day, and invite all of you to join us at the afternoon gathering in the Dorćol Platz yard, from 4 to 7 PM, with the leitmotiv:

English: Culture Travels on Foot
Serbian: Kultura se prenosi peške
Arabic: تنتقلالثقافةبخطى
Farsi: فرهنگراباراهرفتنانتقالمیدهند

culture travels on foot

Before you join us at the event, here’s something to think about: how many local songs are actually originally from your country? Maybe you have had the chance to hear them in a different language as well? What does it mean?

We would like to believe that culture goes beyond borders; it starts and paves its way spontaneously, on its own, by word of mouth and through people’s footsteps, and is being exchanged this way.

This precise travel of culture is what we want to celebrate by getting together, along with nibbles, singing, dancing and socializing! We will be munching on delicious food, listen to the music that makes us move, participate in a music workshop about songs that cross barriers easily, and spend the afternoon in getting to know the similarities of different cultures.

You will have the chance to experience the following activities:

  • Two maps waiting for you to draw in your own path – both the physical and the spiritual
  • Open intercultural workshop on songs that are also migrants in their own way
  • Chill guitar sounds and music that moves
  • Dreams
  • New friends, new languages and new cultures you can explore

How does it all fit in one day?

This is the program:

4:00 │Opening ceremony

4:15 │Filling out the maps, socializing with drinks, food, and the sounds of the guitar

4:45 │Open intercultural workshop – presenting songs that have made their ways, on

             foot, to different cultures

6:00 │Viewing of the animated movie «Fairytale»

7:00 │Farewell

See you in Dorćol Platz on Friday!

Vidimo se!

إلى اللقاء
به امید دیدار