#ChangetheNumbers Video within the #UptoYou Campaign to Restore Youth’s Trust in Vaccination

October 6, 2021

Capture Milicica

BCHR’s Youth Programme has made the following video #ChangetheNumbers to build youth’s trust in the immunisation within the ongoing #UptoYou campaign. The video, which is primarily intended for the younger audience, emphasises the power each and every individual has and the contribution they can make to suppress the pandemic. The video presents the story of a young woman in everyday situations, and its main message is Each number = A human story.

Although Serbia has been registering record-high numbers of new corona cases for weeks, there is no indication that the relevant authorities will in any way change their approach or introduce stricter measures to fight the pandemic. It is therefore necessary to constantly alert to the importance of responsible behaviour of every single individual, both towards themselves, their own health and that of the people around them and their community. According to the information published by the media, around 20% of young people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to date. The Belgrade Student Health Care Institute reported that nearly 13,000 university students have been jabbed.

Young people are surrounded by contradictory information coming from all sides and they are under great pressure,” says Dr Mila Paunić, an epidemiologist at the Belgrade Student Health Care Institute. “Now, with the surge in the number of new cases, it’s more important than ever to arm the youth with knowledge and information from credible sources and everything else is up to them. It’s #UptoYou, up to us as a society.”

Youth health is the main topic of the upcoming International Congress organised by the Belgrade Student Health Care Institute, which is held on 7-8 October.

The #UptoYou campaign focuses on youth, providing them with room to ask their questions and voice their dilemmas about vaccination and COVID-19, and simultaneously offers them concrete answers and expert information. Various contents designated primarily for youth have been produced within the campaign: posters, leaflets responding to youth’s FAQs (link), and the e-mail address of the Student Polyclinic expert team pitanjavakcinacija@zzzzsbg.rs, which young people can write to, share their dilemmas and ask for answers to their questions at all times.

The #UptoYou campaign is implemented by the BCHR Youth Programme in cooperation with the UN Population Fund in Serbia and the Belgrade Student Health Care Institute

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