CoolTour Tube Workshops in Belgrade

April 24, 2019

55875019_2415574958455026_5344651251533479936_oThree two-day workshops for young refugees and young people from Serbia were held in a period from 6 to 21 April in the Human Rights House in Belgrade. The workshops are part of the CoolTour Tube program which is part of the project Support to Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Serbia supported by the UNHCR.

The program encourages communication between young people with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, through different kind of activities, such as: educational and creative workshops, events, joint actions, research within the communities and creation of an animated film.  

The aim of the program is  development of  intercultural community where every young individual is fully integrated and actively involved in social life. Program is based on methods of intercultural learning, youth work and participative art.

Main topics of the workshops were: identity, power, cultural democracy, interculturality, stereotypes and prejudices, discrimination, social integration.

14 participants from refugee and local population had an opportunity to explore the topic of interculturality, disccus on different social issues, but also to meet the culture of „Other“, to  deconstruct their stereotypes and develop joint actions and events.

Additional three two-day workshops will be organised in Obrenovac for youth from that municipality and Reception Centre Obrenovac.