School of Human Rights “Vojin Dimitrijevic”


VojinThe Centre is particularly proud of Schools of Human Rights for Future Trainers, held annually for the past 15 years. The importance and effects of the Schools for Trainers is best described by some of its 450 attendants. Their impressions on Schools of Human Rights you can find here…

Actually, they do that every day – at the jobs they now perform. And they have held many important offices in the state administration, judiciary, NGO sector, media, politics. This is why we will not single out any of them. Most of the projects of the Centre were written and implemented by former attendants of the Schools. We could say that the Schools were the Centre’s recruitment centre. Some of them are young leaders in most walks of public life. The goal of these intensive 10 days long courses is to provide fundamental knowledge about the concept of human rights, restrictions and derogations of law, prohibition of discrimination, right to life, right to freedom and security of person, right to a fair trial, the prohibition of torture, trafficking in humans, freedom of spirit, economic, social and cultural rights, humanitarian law, minority rights, human security, environmental rights and human rights in context of EU integrations. The courses are, of course, placed in the framework of the social context in which human rights are realised and protected. This is why the lectures and discussions on topics like media and human rights, perceptions of history, comparative legal, political and cultural norms of human rights, societal prerequisites for enjoying human rights, confrontation with the past, public opinion surveys are of great importance.

The Centre invariably invites the most reputed experts in the relevant areas to act as the School lecturers and demonstrators. Apart from the local experts, we are extremely grateful to the Centre’s associates and friends abroad, who have lectured in our Schools and given the participants the opportunity to learn much more about human rights in other countries.