Our new brochure #UspraviSe! for better understanding of human rights and rule of law

March 7, 2022

Capture naslovna brošura uspraviseWe are pleased to introduce our new brochure #UspraviSe! (#StandUp!) with the aim to bring closer topics related to human rights and rule of law to Serbian citizens, especially to young people.

The brochure is a result of our #UspraviSe! Instagram educational campaign. Using social media style we pointed out the basics of human rights as the foundations of a stable and democratic society where free development of every person is cultivated.

This brochure as well as our Instagram campaign is launched for education purposes, to raise awareness on the importance of human rights, the enjoyment and protection.

Ilustrations and text in this brochure bring together concepts of rule of law, human rights as an universal chategories that must be respected and protected, equality before the law, fair trial, free and fair elections, protection of equality and importance of fighting against discrimination and hate speech…

The brochure is available here in Serbian.

Online campaign and brochure #UspraviSe! is part of Project ‘Improving Culture of Rule of Law and Human Rights among Young People’, that BCHR implements with support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.