This library contains textbooks used for the Belgrade Centre’s educational activities. These textbooks are used as basic and compulsory textbooks or as additional literature on different faculties. Library contains following books:


medjunarodno-pravo-ljudskih-prava-108x150Vojin Dimitrijević – Tatjana Papić – Vesna Petrović – Dragoljub Popović, International Human Rights Law (in Serbian), First edition 2006. Second edition 2007.

The Belgrade Centre decided to add to the multitudes of its publications this book on international human rights law, more comprehensive and thorough than those published here to date. Book will be useful tool for the primarily but not exclusively, law students at all levels, as well as those dealing with  human rights in theory and practice. Serbia is increasingly involving in the international system of human rights protection. This is the main reason why it is important for the citizens, especially to those studying, interpreting and practicing the law, to have sufficient knowledge of human rights and practice. Book chapters are touching upon all rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Serbia and international instruments. The authors endeavored to include most important and milestone cases of UN bodies and the European Court of Human Rights, so that readers can be better acquainted with their work in interpreting rights guaranteed by international treaties.


osnovi-medjunarodnog-prava-drugo-izdanje-108x150Vojin Dimitrijević – Obrad Račić – Vladimir Đerić – Tatjana Papić – Vesna Petrović – Saša Obradović, Public International Law (in Serbian), 2007. Second edition.

The reason for the second edition of the textbook on public international law lies in the fact that since 2005, when the first edition was published, significant changes occurred in our country’s position, new international treaties were adopted and several decisions of the International Court of Justice concerning Serbia were made. Additionally, the authors had the opportunity to receive feedback from readers and to gain experience in teaching with this textbook. The book is supplemented by an entirely new chapter “Territory in international law”.


osnovi-medjinarodnog-javnog-prava-105x150Vojin Dimitrijević – Obrad Račić – Vladimir Đerić – Tatjana Papić – Vesna Petrović – Saša Obradović, Public International Law (in Serbian), 2005.

Public international law textbook is primarily aimed at international law practitioners. Less attention is devoted to issues that are typically dealt with in-depth by textbooks on public international law, while others are considered in detail, especially chapters important to practitioners in Serbia. Focus is on international organizations, human rights, international criminal responsibility, international humanitarian law and protection of the environment. Readers who want to further their studies on public international law, or to devote attention to particular issues, can find useful signposts in the comprehensive bibliography at the start of every chapter. The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is grateful for the support to the UK Department for International Development and to the Canadian International Development Agency.


kaseze-106x150Antonio Cassese, International Criminal Law (in Serbian), 2005.

The author of this book attempted to establish, based on a number of national and international cases and treaties in the field of international criminal law, what is the essence of fundamental rules that define certain impermissible acts as international crimes and to display international legal processes for their persecution and punishment. This is a successful attempt to, as far as is possible, design a coherent theoretical framework for a multitude of conflicting and incomplete rules, principles, concepts and legal constructs that today make up international criminal law.  The book cites all the most important cases before national and international courts that help the reader learn how courts apply specific legal rules or how they interpret them.