No Response to Hate Speech in Parliament

July 10, 2019

The insults ruling party MP Marko Atlagić hurled at Belgrade College of Philosophy professors in the Serbian National Assembly several days ago are, to say the least, unbefitting of the office he holds and the institution to which Serbia’s citizens had elected him and other deputies to represent them with dignity and decency. The words he uttered were so despicable and ignominious that we are ashamed to repeat them and we hope that the Serbian public is just as appalled by them as we are. His hate speech was rife with threats targeting not only the professors, but also all individuals with different views on important social issues, issues warranting open and tolerant debate.  

Professor Dubravka Stojanović is a member of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights Governing Board and was appointed to that office because of her academic, professional, and, most importantly, ethical qualities, her persistent and consistent fight against primitivism, hatred and intolerance.

We call on the Serbian Assembly Speaker and the leader of the party Atlagić is a member of to seriously and responsibly respond to hate speech and take the adequate sanctions against this MP.