Ružica Žarevac Boutruche

February 16, 2013

ruzaRuzica Zarevac Boutruche

Lawyer in European court for Human Rights

Almost a decade has passed since I attended the School. I had already graduated from the Law School of the University of Belgrade, from which some of the best professors were expelled, including Vojin. In search for opportunities to learn from those professors, in the Alternative Academic Educational Network I discovered that the Centre organized a Human Rights School for Future Trainers. However, when I signed up I could not have dreamt that the School would have such a significant effect on my professional, social and private life.The multidisciplinary approach to human rights, the rule of law, humanitarian law, ideas of open society – flamed from all aspects of the brilliant presentations of eminent local and international lecturers. I can confess that I have kept my turquoise folder with notes and materials to this day. However, what totally impressed me then was the very comfortable atmosphere and enthusiasm that was spread by the people from the Centre.

After the School, the opportunity quickly arose for me to begin work in the Centre, where I spent a brilliant six and a half years. In the meantime I was awarded a scholarship and completed postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, at the University of Essex (thanks once again to Vojin and Milica for their recommendations, and to Veca who was waiting for me). I then matured as a lawyer in the Centre, and the knowledge and experience I gained with the team and associates of the Centre definitely had a huge effect on the fact that I now work in the European Court of Human Rights.

Now that I’m far away I miss the events organized by the Centre, as well as the parties after the Human Rights Schools, that are great opportunities to see some wonderful people. I hope that the Centre and Schools will last for a long, long time. In the end, perhaps most importantly, in the Centre and in various schools I made some very good friends, and I would like them to remain so forever.