Statement by the Belgrade Center for Human Rights Concerning Human Rights Violations in Kosovo and Southern Serbia

February 18, 2001

18 February 2001 – Terrorists recruited from amongst the nastiest and most unreasonable Albanians from around the world every day fill us with even greater disgust. Their sinister attacks on innocent people in Kosovo and Southern Serbia demonstrate no only their contempt for human rights, but also their desire to provoke new human tragedies for all residents of that region. Through these acts, these terrorists in fact align themselves with all opponents of democracy in Serbia, interpreting the rule of law as a weakness which they wish to take advantage of in order to achieve their inhumane goals. (more…)

Persistence Needed in the Fight Against Racism

February 11, 2001

11 February 2001 – The Belgrade Center for Human Rights harshly condemns the attack on Cucija Nikolić, 28, a Roma from Kovin, which took place on the night between the 2nd and 3rd of February. According to Friday’s newspaper reports, Marko Marković, Vladimir Krstin, Dejan Lukša, Žika aka Ubica (‘Killer’), and lawyer Zoran Koščal inflicted serious bodily injuries on Nikolić, because he was in a relationship with Koščal’s daughter. There are also indications that the police detective Zoran Despenić knew of the attackers’ intentions as, before they took Nikolić, the detective told him they only wanted to talk to him. However the police officer did nothing to prevent the attack on Nikolić. (more…)

Predrag Koraksić Awarded the Konstantin Obradović Prize

December 7, 2000

The inaugural recipient of the newly established “Konstantin Obradović” prize for contribution to the advancement of a human rights culture is Predrag Koraksić – Corax, a cartoonist from Belgrade. (more…)

Press Release Concerning Terrorist Acts in Southern Serbia

November 28, 2000

Terrorist attacks in southern Serbia are an expression of dangerous intentions to prove that the dictatorship in Serbia was better than democratic government. Everyone needs to understand that giving in to chauvinism, regardless of where it originates and where it is directed, in the end results in the degradation of one’s own human rights and the human rights of one’s own people. The Belgrade Center for Human Rights supports efforts to solve the ethnic conflict in Kosovo through dialogue between reasonable representative of the Serbs, Albanians and other people who live in Kosovo and Metohia, as well as those who have to return there. Therefore, besides people in power and politicians, non-governmental organizations have a considerable contribution to make to this dialogue. (more…)

Why is the Federal Justice Minister already anxious about monitoring of upcoming elections?

September 13, 2000

On the 13th of September the Federal Justice Ministry verbally warned members of CeSID (Centre for Free Elections and Democracy, Centar za Slobodne Izbore i Demokratiju in Serbian) that it was considering cancelling the legal registration of this non-governmental organisation, because of “violations of its mandate.” CeSID is led to conclude that its mistake was to publish the results of local elections in Serbia in 1996, that is to say, to make evident the drastic electoral fraud of past state and local elections. (more…)

Protest against the closure of the Leskovac Human Rights Committee

September 2, 2000

The Belgrade Center for Human Rights protests against the decision by the Ministry of Internal Affairs station in Leskovac to remove without legal basis the Lesovac Human Rights Committee from the civic society registry. The law concerning civic societies and community organisations, which the MIA in Leskovac refers to in its decision, precisely stipulates the reasons for which a civic society’s activities can be banned. (more…)