Joint statement of the Human Rights House Belgrade and Human Rights House Zagreb on the closing of the borders and the refugee crisis

September 25, 2015

Human Rights House Belgrade and Human Rights House Zagreb invite Serbian and Croatian governments to urgently eliminate all restrictive measures undermining the freedom of movement of the people and the goods, as well as to establish a normal communication in order to solve all problems throughopen dialogues. We invite all governments in Southeast and Eastern Europe to urgently establish cooperation measures and daily communication to jointly assist refugees. (more…)


February 24, 2015

Home is a short film of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, which was created with the support of UNHCR, that tells us the life story of a refugee from Syria, about the reasons behind his decision to leave his homeland, what were his experiences along the way and why he decided to seek refuge in Serbia and about challenges that he faces today. (more…)

Analysis of print media in the election campaign

March 12, 2014

Centre for Monitoring Human Rights and Democracy House(hereinafter Center) continues with weekly analysis of daily press coverage of political parties. We analyzed the same eight newspapers (Danas, Politika, Blic, Alo, Kurir, Informer,VecernjeNovosti and NaseNovine) in the last week. The main trend of the campaign – a huge media support to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party continues. This party is favored in five of the eight observed papers (Novosti, Alo, Politika, Kurir,Informer–with 31 to 65 percent of coverage). (more…)

Statement regarding accommodation for asylum seekers

October 28, 2013

Belgrade Center for Human Rights expresses its great concern about the situation in which asylum-seekers are in the Republic of Serbia. The problem of lack of accommodation facilities for asylum seekers has been existent for more than a year and it is unacceptable that the Commissariat for Refugees still has not found a permanent solution for this problem. Not only in terms of opening new asylum center, but also in terms of awareness of the importance of providing assistance to asylum seekers. If the asylum seekers are not provided with adequate housing, the Republic of Serbia is in the position to treat them on inhuman and degrading way, which entails responsibility before the European Court of Human Rights for violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. (more…)

Statement on the Holding of the Belgrade Pride

September 20, 2013

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights supports the holding of the Belgrade Pride 2013 event and calls on all state authorities to enforce the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Serbia conscientiously and ensure that its participants are not deprived of their fundamental human rights, as they have unfortunately been in the past. Persons whose sexual orientation is not heterosexual, i.e. homosexual, bisexual and transgender people, are often victims of various forms of discrimination, including violent ones, in Serbia as well. This event is a legitimate attempt by these people and others who understand the problems they face on a daily basis to highlight these problems. Their endeavours are based on the principles of equality, tolerance, pluralism and the rule of law which any decent state governed by law should abide by. (more…)

Belgrade Pride Parade and the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

April 20, 2013

Belgrade Pride Parade and the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights welcome the ruling of the Constitutional Court of Serbia dated 18th April 2013 that, through banning Pride Parade 2011, the Republic of Serbia violated the constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of assembly, effective legal remedy, and legal protection.This ruling relates to the constitutional complaint that was lodged by the organisers of Belgrade Pride, who were represented in court by experts from the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights. In its ruling, besidesconcluding that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had violated the Constitution through banning Pride Parade, the Constitutional Court of Serbiafollowed the lead of the European Court of Human Rights in cases where Pride has been banned in other countries. The Court also awarded the petitioner, the ‘Pride Parade Belgrade’ association, €500 for immaterial damages. (more…)