Press Release on Public Debate on Amendments to Constitutional Provisions on the Judiciary

September 6, 2017

OrganizacijeCivic associations with years-long experience in law and the judiciary hereby express concern about the way in which the expert and general public is engaged in the constitutional amendment procedure. In our opinion, the representatives of the Government and Justice Ministry need to open a public debate on constitutional amendments without delay, in which they will involve not only select civic associations (which had submitted their written suggestions on constitutional amendments), but other associations, institutions and most importantly – the citizens – as well. (more…)

The Human Rights and Business Country Guide Serbia

June 10, 2016

human-rights-and-bisnisThe Human Rights and Business Country Guide Serbia provides country-specific guidance to help companies respect human rights and contribute to development,

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The Year of the Refugee

December 30, 2015

The advancement of Islamists in Iraq and Syria alongside unceasing clashes between government and rebel forces, the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan wherein the highest number of civilian casualties in the last 15 years was recorded, as well as the expansion of territories under control of ethnic and religious rebels in Libya and Yemen, and further deterioration of countries in sub-Saharan Africa led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe since May 2015.


The 17-Point Brussels Agreement on the Refugee Situation

October 29, 2015

On Sunday, 25 October, representatives of the European Union, its member states and Western Balkan countries came to an agreement concerning certain principles to be applied in further efforts to handle the refugee situation in Europe. The plan involves, inter alia, increasing reception capacity in Western Balkan countries in order to accommodate up to 50.000 refugees, discouraing the secondary movement of refugees from the country they find themselves in and facilitating the efficient return of persons who do not meet the criteria for the granting of international protection to their countries of origin.[1] (more…)

Joint statement of the Human Rights House Belgrade and Human Rights House Zagreb on the closing of the borders and the refugee crisis

September 25, 2015

Human Rights House Belgrade and Human Rights House Zagreb invite Serbian and Croatian governments to urgently eliminate all restrictive measures undermining the freedom of movement of the people and the goods, as well as to establish a normal communication in order to solve all problems throughopen dialogues. We invite all governments in Southeast and Eastern Europe to urgently establish cooperation measures and daily communication to jointly assist refugees. (more…)


February 24, 2015

Home is a short film of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, which was created with the support of UNHCR, that tells us the life story of a refugee from Syria, about the reasons behind his decision to leave his homeland, what were his experiences along the way and why he decided to seek refuge in Serbia and about challenges that he faces today. (more…)