Seminar: Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion

September 22, 2016

IMG_20160913_134300Representatives of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights participated in the seminar Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion in Brussels. Seminar was organized by theEuropean Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) in cooperation with Council of Europe and the U.S. Embassy to the European Union. The increase of refugee arrivals in a short period of time and the lack of a coordinated EU political response have on one hand caused political and societal crisis in Europe and on the other hand encouraged social creativity with the aim to provide response-social innovation to social needs. The seminar was an opportunity for practitioners and new stakeholders to reflect on these new dynamics in European societies. Some of the questions that participants tried to answer to are: What does social innovation mean in the context of refugee inclusion? What is the novelty here, and how can we ensure that existing expertise can feed into these new processes? How can we ensure that social innovation will not replace States’ obligations? For more details, visit