Tanja Miščević

February 16, 2013

tanja-miscevicTanja Miščević

Šefica tima Srbije za pregovore sa EU

The Human Rights School of the Centre was one of the few places during the 1990s in Serbia where one could achieve two basic goals: to maintain normality in those insane years, as well as to learn so much. As a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Political Sciences at the time, I had the opportunity to meet my colleagues in other faculties and institutions in Serbia, who were either novices like myself or already had significant experience, with whom I maintain to this day good professional and friendly relations. What is most important to me is that I managed to take with me the culture of human rights from the Schools, and for that I am grateful to Prof Dimitrijević, Vesna, Jelena and others in the Centre. And in particular, also to Prof Kosta Obradović, although he is no longer with us!