Vojin ilustracija politikaThis book in memoriam to Vojin Dimitrijević was published two months after his passing and on the occasion of 10 December, International Human Rights Day. This book emerged from our common need to collate in one place a selection of numerous public reactions, recollections, expressions of condolences and of non-reconciliation with the death “of a great man in a small country”, as Vesna Rakić-Vodinelić called him in her speech at the memorial service. The texts in this book were written in October 2012 and demonstrate the social significance and effects of Vojin Dimitrijević’s activities not only within his profession, but within civil society as well, particularly among those who have formed, and indeed, still form the most active and consistent front of resistance to the path Serbian politics embarked on in the late 1980s. The impact he had is corroborated not only the published texts, but also by the numerous reactions and comments of the members of the public, his former students and other admirers and the many letters of condolences his family received.