Lisbon Forum "Migration and human rights: How to structure effective collective action? Best practices and shared knowledge in the Mediterranean and European space"

November 30, 2016

Belgrade center for human rights had opportunity to participate in Lisbon Forum 2016, organized by the North-South Centre Council of Europe. On behalf of Belgrade center for human rights, Ms. Sonja Toskovic participate in Panel I – Human rights on the move, and present to the audience situation in Republic of Serbia, with special focus on migration and asylum system in Serbia.
Right to asylum in the Republic of Serbia - periodic report for July - September 2016

October 27, 2016

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) continued implementing the project involving the provision of legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers with UNHCR’s support in the latter half of 2016. BCHR lawyers continued regularly visiting Asylum Centres and extending legal advice to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with a view to familiarising them with their rights and obligations.
ECRE Annual General Conference

October 26, 2016

Representatives of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights participated in ECRE Annual General Conference in Berlin, from 12 to 14 October. ECRE, an alliance of 90 organisations in 38 countries protecting refugee rights across Europe, expresses deep concerns about Europe’s growing emphasis on externalization of migration control, which has now moved center stage.
Utrecht Declaration on Academic Freedom

September 30, 2016

 UTRECHT DECLARATION ON ACADEMIC FREEDOM Meeting at Utrecht University for our annual conference, we, the Association of Human Rights Institutes ( AHRI), deplore the actions and threats of actions of an increasing number of States to restrain and even foreclose academic freedom, in the name of security, public order, counter-terrorism, counter-crime or counter-extremism, through a variety of...
Seminar: Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion

September 22, 2016

Representatives of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights participated in the seminar Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion in Brussels. Seminar was organized by theEuropean Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) in cooperation with Council of Europe and the U.S. Embassy to the European Union.
ECRE/AIDA Press Release: Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures

September 8, 2016

In the implementation of their international obligations, European and EU states have devised sophisticated asylum systems based on complex procedural tools. In some cases, tools are designed and used for the purpose of avoiding responsibility for refugees, because they allow claims to be dismissed as inadmissible before looking at the substance of the claim.