Right to Asylum in the Republic of Serbia – Periodic Report for January – June 2019

August 9, 2019

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has compiled a periodic report covering the first half of 2019, analyzing the right of access to the asylum procedure with special focus to access to the Belgrade airport procedure, as well as the practice of decision-making bodies in the asylum procedure through the analysis of individual decisions.
Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia

July 24, 2019

Platform Otvorena vrata pravosuđa is designed to provide citizens with information on how the justice system functions in Serbia and how they can protect their rights in courts. The project Constituencies for Judicial Reform in Serbia wants to adopt the principle of open dialogue between citizens and the judiciary, and to encourage their greater engagement in local communities.
No Response to Hate Speech in Parliament

July 10, 2019

The insults ruling party MP Marko Atlagić hurled at Belgrade College of Philosophy professors in the Serbian National Assembly several days ago are, to say the least, unbefitting of the office he holds and the institution to which Serbia’s citizens had elected him and other deputies to represent them with dignity and decency.
KAFANA FORUM – An Interactive Platform for the Important Stories of the Youth!

July 8, 2019

KAFANA FORUM– An Interactive Platform for the Important Stories of the Youth! What does nation mean to you? What do you know about extremism? Do you have a particular story you want to share? Kafana Forum gives you an opportunity, as a young person, to express what you think, feel, what you are going through, what your doubts are, and what you are sure of!Kafana Forum is an intera...


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