The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights held a conference on the scientific legacy of its founder and director, Prof. Vojin Dimitrijević, on the anniversary of his passing, on 5 October 2013. It is our wish to preserve the memory of Vojin also by organizing expert conferences in the areas of international public law, international relations and human rights law, i.e. topics that Prof. Dimitrijević dealt with like right to asylum, transition towards democracy, responsibility for the war crimes, international terrorism, etc. The conferences will gather leading international and national authorities and will commence with the memorial lectures in honour of Professor Vojin Dimitrijević.

The conference held on 5 October 2013 dealt with Vojin’s scientific work and was dedicated to his three most important books.  Dr. Milica Delević and Jelena Pejić spoke about the book Terrorism; Dr. Ivan Janković and Dr. Vesna Pešić presented the book Rule through Fear and Dr. Vesna Rakić Vodinelić and Dr. Vladimir Đerić analysed the book The Uncertainty of Human Rights on the Road from Autocracy to Democracy. The introductory speech by Prof. Milan Šahović was dedicated to Vojin’s contribution to legal science and work in the international institutions.

Having in mind that Vojin was not only a scientist and law professor but public intellectual with critical attitude towards reality, rational voice in an irrational politics and reality, as well as prominent human rights activist, the Belgrade Centre held a debate „Gentleman in Times Entirely Desperate“. The debate was at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, with introductory speakers Prof. Dr. Dubravka Stojanović, Borka Pavićević and Dr. Dejan Ilić, on 6 October 2013.