Tatjana Papić

August 27, 2013

tacaLecturer in Public International Law and International Human Rights Law at the Union University Law School in Belgrade.

I attended the Human Rights School for Future Trainers while I was still a student of the Law School of the University of Belgrade, in the distant 1997. Organising and attending the human rights schools in Serbia at that time was a subversive activity, as human rights were solely viewed as a Western fiction, serving as an instrument of the international community to enslave our country. As such, this School pleased every revolutionary spirit. I was enthralled by the Centre, the School and by all of our lecturers. (more…)

Danilo Milić

February 16, 2013

KRISTALNA NAGRADA DOB AMERIKANA 23.02.2010. FOTO Stanislav MilojkovicDanilo Milić
Local Programme Manager, Olaf Palme, Belgrade

To somebody who was a graduate of the Law School, as I was at that time, the Human Rights School was a very positive surprise and proof that there was something above the arbitrariness of states and the law of the more powerful. As I had for a long period before then been disappointed with the “range” of domestic law and compliance with it, as with international law and its current stage of development, the School poured into me a completely new energy and enthusiasm that I already thought was slowly disappearing. (more…)

Vidan Hadži – Vidanović

vidanVidan Hadzi Vidanovic

Lawyer in European court for Human Rights

“The School completely transformed my life.” With these words began one of the first lectures of the Human Rights School for Future Decision Makers in 2003 when I attended it. Today, I adopt these words of my colleague and friend as my own. I came to the school as a graduate of the Law School which was far more devoted to the career of a television show writer than the law.  (more…)

Ružica Žarevac Boutruche

ruzaRuzica Zarevac Boutruche

Lawyer in European court for Human Rights

Almost a decade has passed since I attended the School. I had already graduated from the Law School of the University of Belgrade, from which some of the best professors were expelled, including Vojin. In search for opportunities to learn from those professors, in the Alternative Academic Educational Network I discovered that the Centre organized a Human Rights School for Future Trainers. However, when I signed up I could not have dreamt that the School would have such a significant effect on my professional, social and private life. (more…)

Tanja Miščević

tanja-miscevicTanja Miščević

Šefica tima Srbije za pregovore sa EU

The Human Rights School of the Centre was one of the few places during the 1990s in Serbia where one could achieve two basic goals: to maintain normality in those insane years, as well as to learn so much. (more…)

Marko Milanović

marko milanovicMarko Milanović

Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge.

Without exaggeration, the Centre’s School was for me the decisive first step in terms of my interest in international law and human rights, which I now work with professionally. Not only did I attend lectures given by experts with an international reputation that were unlike any I had attended before but I also began working for the Centre after the School. (more…)