Centre in the Council of Europe conference – Regional Collaboration on Migration and Asylum: Key Challenges and Good Practices

November 18, 2019

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights participated in the Council of Europe Conference in Sarajevo, 14.11.2019 on regional cooperation in the field of migration and asylum. A representative of the Centre participated in a panel on the role of international organisations and civil society organisations sharing the experience of the Centre, which as a partner of UNHCR has been involved in the field of asylum since 2012, regarding the current situation in Serbia and the region, the link between human rights and migration,  and the application of international standards in the field of asylum.

The conference was a gathering place for various stakeholders – representatives of the regional States, experts from the Council of Europe, the European Union, as well as international and non-governmental organisations. Since many countries continue to face numerous challenges in the area of migration and asylum, the aim of the conference was to share experiences and examples of good practice in the region and cross-border cooperation.

Following the participation of practitioners and experts on human rights standards, the overall conclusion of the conference is seen in the need for greater and more effective regional and cross-border cooperation in the field of asylum and migration, as well as aligning the policies and legislative in the region and strengthen the capacities of those who are directly involved with migrants and asylum seekers.


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