Ever since the establishement of the Centre in 1995, education in the field of human rights is among our most important activites. Educational efforts of the Belgrade Centre are directed towards professionals who have the crucial role in carrying out the reforms of the country, as well as younger generations. About 60% of Serbian judges (total number of judges in Serbia is approx. 2.400) have passed through the Belgrade Centre’s schools or seminars, and over 1200 law professionals from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia attended regional human rights trainings. Approximately 500 students and 2.500 highschool students attended out human rights seminars for youth.

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights has organised more than 200 seminars, lectures and roundtables in the country and in the region, and hosted 15 international conferences and lectures on issues of human rights and democracy. More than 100 international experts have lectured in the Belgrade Centre’s educational programs.

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights jointly conducted a regular postgraduate program The Specialist Studies in Humanitarian and Human Rights Law with The Faculty of Political Sciences of The University of Belgrade is taking place at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. More…

Human rights training are designed to provide participants with both  theoretical training and an insight into an entire culture of human rights and empowering them to use the available mechanisms for human rights protection, as well as to disseminate their newly acquired knowledge to others.

Eduacational work of the Centre are followed by Publishing activites.

The Centre has also published more than 100 books. Among them are university level textbooks on human rights and public international law, collections of essays on human rights and humanitarian law, collections of international human rights documents, translations of books of foreign authors, etc.