Conference on Compatibility of Legislation and Practice with the Requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights and other European Norms took place in Belgrade on 16 – 17 February 2001.

The objective of the Conference was to define, together with the authorities of the FRY and the republics as well as the relevant NGOs, the priority reforms to be undertaken to ensure within the FRY respect for Human Rights and the development of the Rule of Law according to the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe, and to determine the concrete modalities of cooperation between the Council of Europe and the FRY to support these priority reforms.

Around 120 persons, representatives of the federal and republic authorities, international organisations and NGOs, participated actively in plenary sessions as well as in panel discussions.  In addition to the federal authorities, the authorities of Serbia, Montenegro as well as the UNMIK were represented. The OSCE and the ODIHR, the European Commission, as well as the UNHCHR, the UNHCR and the ICRC were also represented.

Download  documents from the Conference:

Priority programme to support the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Strengthening Human Rights and the rule of law with a view to its accession to the Council of Europe