Statement by the Belgrade Center for Human Rights Concerning Human Rights Violations in Kosovo and Southern Serbia

February 18, 2001

18 February 2001 – Terrorists recruited from amongst the nastiest and most unreasonable Albanians from around the world every day fill us with even greater disgust. Their sinister attacks on innocent people in Kosovo and Southern Serbia demonstrate no only their contempt for human rights, but also their desire to provoke new human tragedies for all residents of that region. Through these acts, these terrorists in fact align themselves with all opponents of democracy in Serbia, interpreting the rule of law as a weakness which they wish to take advantage of in order to achieve their inhumane goals. With this situation in mind, the Belgrade Center for Human rights is deeply disappointed with the behavior of Albanian non-government human rights organizations, and the effectiveness of similar international organizations in Kosovo and Metohia. Rather than protecting all victims of human rights abuses regardless of their ethnicity – as similar organizations in Serbia have consistently done and always been expected to do – these organizations continue to almost exclusively deal with protecting the rights of Albanians.

If non-government organizations fail to decisively act against terrorist activities and other attacks on the basic rights of all people, their impressive and expensive plans for reconciliation and reintegration will be dealt a severe blow, which will impact people on all sides and prevent all people in the region from achieving an acceptable standard of living.