Support to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Serbia

February 9, 2017

Donor: UNHCR Office in Serbia

Duration: January 2017 – December 2017

With support of the UNHCR Office in Serbia, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights will continue to provide free professional legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia.

The BCHR will advocate for improvements and changes when it comes to access to asylum procedure and functionality of asylum system. Additionally, efforts would be made to advocate for better mechanisms for integration of persons who were granted asylum in Serbia particularly, considering that this topic was neglected since the adoption of the Asylum Act in 2008. Working with the UNHCR and relevant state institutions the BCHR will also focus on realization of programmes and measures envisaged in by-law on integration of persons granted international protection into social, economic and cultural life in Serbia, which was adopted in December 2016. 

In cooperation with Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, the BCHR field teams will continue to monitor situation in asylum centres and report to UNHCR, relevant state institutions and other NGOs on needs of asylum seekers.

The BCHR will continue to cooperate with state institutions in order to support and enhance their capacities through seminars, trainings, workshops and publications. Together with relevant organisations and media the BCHR will advocate for professional and responsible reporting on asylum and migration topic.

Cooperation with Ombudsperson will to be continued through National Preventive Mechanism within the project, adding to activities for protection of rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.