Can obligations towards ICC be relativised

August 16, 2002

Belgrade centre for human rights is of the opinion that USA attempt for signing separate agreements with the countries which signed Roman statute can endanger object of this contract and aim of the instauration of the International Criminal Court.  As Viena Convention on the Contract Law obliges State  on abstention of acts which would leave the contract signed by it (the State) without its object and purpose, contracting States of Roman Statute would break the object of the contract – instauration of the personal criminal liability for International crimes – accepting the agreement which USA offers. (more…)

Journalists have right to protect their sources

July 12, 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights expresses its concern about the fact that journalists were taken in for questioning by the police. On 11 July, a journalist of the radio Free Europe and of the daily newspaper Danas, Nataša Odalović, and the editor of the Reporter magazine, Vladimir Radomirović, have received subpoenas issued by the district attorney, Rade Terzić, to come in for questioning to the police office in Belgrade. In both cases the police wanted to investigate the allegations made in the texts published by the two journalists. The Belgrade Centre recalls the similar behaviour of the investigation authorities in the last-year case of publishing a list of police officers that are allegedly suspects before the Hague Tribunal in the daily papers Blic and Reporter. (more…)

Judicial reform must be conducted only in accordance with the law

June 14, 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights protests against frequent assaults on the principle of judicial independence and autonomy in Serbia. These attacks seriously bring into question the sincerity of the declared resolve for genuine reform and the establishment of an independent judiciary. The Government’s and Prime Minister’s calls for the dismissal of errant judges, for stepping up proceedings, punishing the senior officials of the former regime and more efficient trials are, of course, justified. The manner in which these legitimate views have been expressed and the inappropriate approach of the Prime Minister and Justice Minister to dealing with alleged negligence and the slow pace of judicial reforms give, however, rise to concern.   (more…)

Vojin Dimitrijević Awarded Honorary Doctorate by University of Kent in Canterbury

May 27, 2002

The Council and Senate of the University of Kent in Canterbury (GB) awarded BCHR Director Vojinu Dimitrijević the degree of Honorary Doctor of Law. Dr. Dimitrijević will be awarded the degree at a ceremony in the Canterbury Cathedral on 10 July 2002. Finnish President Tarja Hallonen and Oxford University Professor of Pharmacology Greenfield, famous for her treatment of Altzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, will be awarded their honorary doctorates at the ceremony as well.


International Criminal Court established

April 10, 2002

The ceremony of depositing the ratifications of the Roman Statute of the International Criminal Court shall be held in the UN headquarters in New York on 11 April.  The deposition of the 60th ratification shall formally mark the establishment of the permanent International Criminal Court.  (more…)


April 5, 2002

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights is extremely concerned that Serbia’s society is on its way to reconcile with hate speech and rehabilitate war mongerers whose oral and written statements, which had received ample coverage in the local mass media in the last decade of the 20th century, led many people to unwillingly go to war, to become killers and torturers either consciously or unconsciously. Such discourse caused many deaths, the maiming and plight of thousands of innocent people, ultimately resulting in the poverty and homelessness of millions of people. War mongerers sent others to the battlefields, while they themselves remained at a safe distance, building their own careers and amassing riches. (more…)