Let’s stop the destruction of civil consciousnes

August 30, 2000

 Labelling as ‘traitors’ those who draw attention to other people’s errors is always easy. Following this logic, this ‘treason’ is greater and much more costly when the errors pointed out are those committed by a nation, or rather, by those who represent her and who err in the name and at the expense of her people. Mistakes which the Yugoslav Army ordered and carried out in Kosovo and Metohia cost the lives and property of thousands of people – women and children who were unarmed and did not belong to the separatist KLA. They too are citizens of this nation. The mistakes ordered as part of a misguided policy, and carried out by the army, are the reason the remaining Serbs and other Serbian citizens who are still in Kosovo continue to live in tragic circumstances. (more…)

Urgent Announcement

May 17, 2000

Belgrade independent TV Studio B, Radio B2-92 and Radio Index seized by the police – Belgrade free media in total darkness.

At 2:30 a.m. on 17 May 2000, police forces broke into the premises of the Belgrade independent TV and radio station Studio B, seized the equipment and prevented further broadcasting. This had an immediate effect over the transmission of Radio Index and Radio B2-92, two other remaining independent radio stations in Belgrade. No warrant for such a violent break-in was presented to the staff present at the time. (more…)

Public announcment

May 4, 2000

The undersigned Yugoslav non-governmental organizations wish to alert the public to illegal performance by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, which is reaching the point of the highest concern. The actions of the competent authorities following the incident in Pozarevac indicate to the unhindered and dangerous alliance between the armed state and para-state groups encountering citizens. (more…)

Press Release concerning the arrest of Otpor activists in Požarevac

May 3, 2000

Three Otpor activists have been severely injured, one of them being rushed to the Belgrade Emergency Centre with serious head injuries, as a result of an incident yesterday in Požarevac. It is still not publicly known who is responsible for inflicting these injuries, and there has been no investigation into the matter, while police have named the injured activists as suspects for the attempted murder of two Yugoslav Left (JUL) members. Although the police were informed in advance of the threats against Otpor activists and that such an incident was possible, they did not come to the scene of the clash, instead arresting the Otpor activists in the hospital while they were receiving medical treatment for their injuries. (more…)

Encouraging Commitments Made by the Democratic Opposition

January 20, 2000

The Belgrade Center for Human Rights welcomes the joint decision by the democratic opposition parties to thoroughly and persistently advocate respect for the political rights of all citizens of Serbia. The establishment of a democratic government through free and fair elections is the true way towards establishing respect for all human rights and realising the right to rule. The Center particularly supports the opposition’s stance that, if it comes to power at any level of government, it will not try to control the editorial policy of the media which, as publically-owned companies, belong to that government, but will instead respect their right to report. The Center expects the opposition to honor that promise. (more…)

Press Release Concerning the Dismissal of Three Judges

December 22, 1999

On the 21st of December 1999, the Serbian National Assembly’s Justice Committee held a meeting where it recommended the government dismiss Slobodan Vučetić, District Court Justice of Serbia, Dr Zoran Ivošević, Supreme Court Justice of Serbia and Boža Prelević, a judge of the Fifth Municipal Court. Today, on the 22nd of December, the Assembly has dismissed these judges, with the explanation that they are unfit to carry out their judicial roles due to their political activities – Justice Vučetić as a member of “G-17 plus” and of the Executive Committee of the Judges’ Association of Serbia; Justice Dr Ivoševića as a member of the Executive Committee of the Judges’ Association of Serbia; and Justice Prelević as the spokesperson of the same Association. The judges learned of their dismissals from newspaper reports. (more…)