Human Rights Day 1999

December 10, 1999

Unfortunately we find no reason to celebrate – this is a time contemplate, and to ensure that rights and freedoms are not forgotten in our society. This 10th of December the Belgrade Center for Human Rights would like to remind people of the recently enacted UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and some of its articles: (more…)

Urgent Appeal

September 8, 1999

The Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and the NGO Forum of Kraljevo report that today at 8 a.m. 350 Kosovo refugees (IDPs), about 80 families, were expelled from the elementary school “Vuk Karadzic” in the village of Beranovac, near Kraljevo. Those people were located from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m in the town park in front of the Kraljevo railway station. The Civil Defense Headquarters of the Republic of Serbia offered them accommodation in the Culture Centre of the Vitanovac village. (more…)

An Appeal Upon the Commencement of the Bombing of Yugoslavia

March 26, 1999

26 March 1999 – The massive air strikes on Yugoslavia are not only hitting military facilities. They also take away human lives and destroy the economic infrastructure of our impoverished nation. However, in the long run, the biggest “collateral damage” will be the diminished prospects for democracy in Serbia. We fear that the only long-lasting result of this undeclared war will be a constant state of emergency, both legal and psychological, this time with the support of the confused majority, which always gathers around the government in moments of extreme misery and danger. (more…)

Massive air strikes against Yugoslavia destroy human lives…

Massive air strikes against Yugoslavia do not only destroy army installations. They also take human lives and ruin the economic infrastructure of our impoverished country. In the long run, however, the biggest collateral damage will be the shattered possibilities for democracy in Serbia. We fear that the only durable result of the undeclared war will be a permanent state of emergency, legal and spiritual, this time with the support of the bewildered majority, which has always sided with the government in times of extreme adversity and danger. (more…)

Freedom of opinion and expression and the autonomy of the universities in Serbia endangered

May 25, 1998

The government of Serbia, headed by Mirko Marjanovic, of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) of President Milosevic, has submitted to the Parliament of Serbia a restrictive draft bill on universities. The draft came as a surprise to the faculty and students of Serbian universities, neither of whom had been consulted by the drafters, whose names remain unknown. It is very likely that the draft will be adopted already on 26 May 1998 by the Parliament, which is dominated by SPS and its coalition partners the United Yugoslav Left (JUL) of Mirjana Markovic and the Serbian Radical Party of Vojislav Šešelj. Most democratic parties have boycotted the latest elections in Serbia. (more…)

Government attempts to abrogate the autonomy of the universities

March 26, 1998

On 26 May the Government of Serbia will ask of the National Assembly to adopt the new University Law. Milosevic’s socialists and Seselj’s extreme nationalists announced that they will adopt the new Law. The new University Law will practically completely abrogate the autonomy of the University. The University will be held as a state-owned enterprise.  The Rector of the University and all deans of the faculties will be directly appointed by the government. Candidates for professors will need the authorisation from the Ministry of Education for becoming  professors of the University. The Government will also form a Main Board and a Supervisory Board. (more…)